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Thor: Ragnarok (English) Tamil Movie Free Download Utorrent

Plot Thor begins his journey to Sakaar in the role of an exiled warrior. His ongoing quest is to find his lost love and save the planet Asgard from Ragnarök, the catastrophic ending to his world, which is set to happen on an upcoming date. He is accompanied by two dwarves, Wulfgar and Fandral, who are in search of the Grandmaster, the ruler of the prison planet Sakaar, where Thor is incarcerated. After an unsuccessful attempt to escape, Thor is caught by the guards and imprisoned. He is given a tour of Sakaar by the Grandmaster, who is disappointed that he is not the legendary warrior he once was. The Grandmaster explains the prison's method of treatment to Thor: The prisoners are divided into four factions, each of which has a different specialty. The Grutas, the dark faction, consists of violent criminals. Those criminals that come into contact with the guards are killed. The Bifrost, the illusionary faction, has prisoners that only appear as statues to the guards, giving them hope for a better life. The Asgardians are peaceful prisoners, while the Guardians, the protection faction, is made up of Asgardian prisoners who have committed crimes against the Empire and are sentenced to death. The Guardians are expected to die at the hands of the Sakaaran guards, but instead are taken to a shielded prison, Valhalla, where the deaths of Asgardians are reversed and they are given life sentences. The Grandmaster grants Thor, the last to be assigned to Valhalla, the opportunity to save a prisoner of his choice, with the stipulation that Thor must free all prisoners in order to survive in Valhalla, and must be accompanied by a dwarf. Thor selects Odin's faithful servant, Val, and they escape from the prison on a jetpack and are pursued by several guards. Thor and Val escape, only to be confronted by a being named Taurus, who appears to be the Sakaaran army commander. Taurus explains that the beings that have been appearing to Thor have been deceiving him, leading him to believe that he is Odin. Taurus intends to free the prisoners of Valhalla and take over the prison, believing that Asgardians will not be able to defeat him. Thor's destiny is to destroy the Sakaaran Empire and Odin's final plan, the same as his own. Meanwhile, Wulfgar and Fandral have been assigned to Grutas and are captured. Wulfgar is tortured by the Gr

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