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PointNLaunch Crack [32|64bit]

PointNLaunch Crack + With Product Key For PC Fast and easy shortcuts for Windows programs and websites. Manage your desktop with just one click. Create a single click desktop for launching your favorite programs, websites, and more! Add custom icons for your launchers and drag them to the application shortcut. Create a desktop shortcut for a website in just one click! Save your favorite website shortcuts for quick access. Set the hotkey for launching a desktop or website shortcut Set the mouse action for launching a desktop or website shortcut. Choose between the default mouse settings or force mouse buttons to launch the application. Configure a secret hidden desktop shortcut for your favorite programs and websites Set the shortcut name for your desktop shortcut, the shortcut arguments, and the custom icon. Create your own custom shortcut for your favorite websites! Manage multiple desktop shortcuts! Manage multiple folder shortcuts for the same program. 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Quickly launch apps and web pages. 5. A small number of item slots. 6. Configure shortcuts for nearly anything on your computer. 7. There’s no corresponding tray icon. 8. And no possibility to create a second menu. 9. Launcher brought up with the help of the mouse. 10. Mouse triggers to launch the launcher. 11. By default, pressing the left and right mouse buttons at the same time is the trigger, but you can also set it to launch with the middle mouse button, or one of special buttons in case you’re using a mouse with more controls. 12. In addition, you can force the application to display app name on mouseover, for more info. 13. Edit name, arguments, and add a custom icon. 14. Add an icon to a folder 15. Drag and drop to add an item. 16. Click on the newly added icon to launch. 17. Add a launcher, or set it to automatically display on start-up. 18. Define the size of the icon. 19. Define the color of the icon. 20. Specify the order of icons. 21. Optional: change the launcher to display on mouseover, or on start-up. 22. Optional: change the launcher to display a tool tip, for more info. 23. Optional: Change the launcher to display no icon at all, so it’s not even visible, for more info. 24. Optional: Change the icon used for the launcher to an image, for more info. 25. Optional: Start the launcher in startup programs, for more info. 26. Optional: Start the launcher in tray, for more info. 27. Optional: Create a second menu, for more info. 28. Optional: Launch in the taskbar, for more info. 29. Optional: Enable window list, so you see the launchers and the icons of the icons, for more info. 30. Optional: Enable window list on all desktops, for more info. 31. Optional: Set a single shortcut, for more info. 32. Optional: Receive launcher updates, for more info. 33. Optional: Remove launchers from the desktop, for more info. 34. Optional: Re-order your launchers, for more info. 35. Optional: Change the launchers 8e68912320 PointNLaunch Keymacro is a powerful system that allows the user to associate a hot key with any program or website, and run it right from the Start menu, Start bar or the desktop. Keymacro can be used in both Windows and Mac OS X. What’s more, Keymacro is able to work with many kinds of programs, including media players, games, productivity and utilities. This application is a must-have for those who’re looking to add the power of hot keys to their computer. Some of the key features of Keymacro: 1) All programs or sites on your computer can be associated with hot keys, which means you can operate them from a hot key without opening the Start menu or Start bar. 2) When you launch a hot key, you can adjust it’s settings. 3) You can easily remove or assign the hot key to a different program with the help of the clipboard. 4) You can set multiple hot keys to work together to launch more than one program or site. 5) In addition to the common Windows hot keys such as Ctrl+Space, Alt+Tab and Win+L, you can easily set any key, including those of your mouse and keyboard, to launch programs and websites. 6) All installed programs or sites, including external programs, can be found quickly on the Start menu, the Start bar or the desktop. 7) Keymacro is able to work with multiple users in the same system, allowing them to operate programs or sites independently and simultaneously. 8) You can set program hot keys not only from the Windows Start menu, but also from the Start bar and desktop. Keymacro has been tested to work with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.3 and 10.4. 1.25 MB How to Install Keymacro? Click the download button below and you will be redirected to the download page. Download and Install Keymacro Downloads are mirror based on the links provided on this site. If you encounter any problems while downloading Keymacro, feel free to contact us via email. Latest Version Reviews KEYMACRO Latest Version Review Publisher's Description Keymacro is a powerful system that allows the user to associate a hot key with any program or website, and run it right from the Start menu, Start bar or the desktop. Keymac What's New In PointNLaunch? 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